Participação no Partido Anarquista Internacional

Participação no Partido Anarquista Internacional

A Cabeça do Anarquismo

O Partido Anarquista Internacional é a Cabeça do Anarquismo

quarta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2013

FEMEN Internacional / Ação do FEMEN na Missa de Natal

Ação do FEMEN na Missa de Natal
Sextremist of FEMEN Germany Josephine foiled Christmas mass in the main cathedral Kölner Dom of Cologne. In the presence of thousands of audience activist climbed onto the altar of the cathedral , protesting against the Vatican propaganda about criminalization of abortion. FEMEN requires the Vatican elders and their fanatical followers to stop producing medieval chimeras and edit their rotten dogma in accordance with the modern world and human rights. Maniacal desire to control fertility ability of women have in common religion with national socialism , nationalism and other antediluvian anti-humanist ideologies.
Europe , wake up , you have to be an idiot to take seriously these sermons parody inquisitors . Everything smells of rot should be buried immediately ! Long live woman ! Long live the science !

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